How You Can Get Cheaper DHL Rates?

How Can I Get Cheaper Shipping Rates with DHL?

How you can knock up to 10% off your DHL Shipment


Did you know you can actually lower the cost of your DHL shipment with us?


It is common knowledge that the price per pound on a shipment will decrease as the size of the shipment increases. However, what most people don't know, is that after 249 LBS, DHL actually increases in price!


So how can you send heavier shipments with DHL and still maintain our great discount?


DHL shipment orders are actually cheapest between 100 LBS and 249 LBS, at $1.99 per LB. By breaking up your larger shipment into several smaller shipments, you can save a considerable amount of cash. Let’s look at an example:


Solomon wants to send a 600-pound shipment to Amazon UK. It is an emergency restock order, and must arrive via express with DHL. If Solomon sends all 600 LBS as a single shipment, it will cost him $1,390 before handling charges. However if he breaks up the delivery into 3 shipments – lets say 225 LBS, 225 LBS, and 150 LBS – then the order will only cost Solomon $1,242. He’ll save $148!


“But doesn’t multiple shipments mean I’m paying multiple clearance fees?”


Yes, yet you still save money! Here’s the break down before duties, taxes, and handling fees:

Option 1

Shipment 1: 600 LBS @ $2.29/LB

Clearance: 1 x $16

1,374 + 16 = $1,390

Option 2

Shipment 1: 225 LBS @ $1.99/LB

Shipment 2: 225 LBS @ $1.99/LB

Shipment 3: 150 LBS @ $1.99/LB

Clearance: 3 x $16

1,194 + 48 = $1,242

With First Choice Shipping’s online platform, creating multiple shipments of a single entity is simple:

Step 1:

Take your total shipment weight, and break it into multiple shipments of weights between 100 LB and 249 LB.

Step 2:

Create your first shipment as usual, filling out all necessary origin, destination, shipment, and commercial details.

Step 3:

Submit Shipment #1.

Step 4:  

Next, go to “Shipment History”.

Step 5:    

Click the drop down menu to the right of your recent shipment, and select “Ship Again”.





Step 6:

Scroll to the bottom of the new screen and select “Back” to get to the “Shipment Details” page.


Step 7:

Change any details that are different about this shipment — including but not limited to — number of boxes, weight per box, and commercial value.




Step 8:

Click through to the “Label Generation” page, and submit your shipment.

Step 9:

Repeat for each shipment.

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