How do I create a shipping label?

How do I create a shipping label?


Go to Create Label on the left side of the portal





Select an address from the address book or enter manually the address fields





Select the number of boxes being shipped from the drop-down menu






Enter the item description by Description of Goods




Enter the Weight & Dimensions. 



 If all boxes are the same size/weight you can utilize our copy to all  rows function.





Hit the Next button





Select the carrier-



Commercial Invoice:

Select an item from the Item List drop-down or enter item manually by the text-box.




8: Select Harmonized Code (only required if the value is over $2500 or its shipping with TNT)






Enter # of units which is either the number of pieces or boxes depending on the Units of Measure entered.


Then insert the price per unit.



Currency: Enter the currency of the value declared (click on More Invoice Options)



Bill Duties and Taxes:

Duties & Taxes can be billed to the receiver or to First Choice and then First Choice will forward the charges to you. 

The following fields are not required, but recommended.

  •  Invoice Type: Commercial Invoice / Pro forma invoice
  •  Terms of Sale
  •  Reason for Export
  •  Country of Origin 


Hit Schedule a Pickup Now and enter the pickup time and date that works For most carriers, a minimum 1-2 hour time window is required.




Hit 'Next' then review all shipment information





Select printer type that works for you.




Hit Create Label


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